Top 10 Evergreen small business ideas to start

top 10 evergreen small business ideas that will never go out of business

Have you ever thought of quitting your 9 to 5 job and working for your own small business idea? Starting your very own small business??? I am pretty sure that many of you must have thought about starting their own business, but due to some Obstacles you might have stopped from doing so. Obstacles like small business idea, lack of capital, potential risk, etc.

Well today we are going to talk about one of the biggest obstacles people face while starting their own small business and i.e. having no small business idea in their mind. If you want to start a small business but don’t have an idea then don’t worry about it because we are here to help you guys to figure it out.

Top 10 small business ideas to start a small business

Food corner business

Food corner business - small business ideas

Food business is always awesome to start because of the high margins and low costs. People will never going to stop eating and that is the most amazing thing about this business. Before starting a food business the most important thing you must concentrate is location.

Crockery shop business

Crockery shop business - small business ideas

Women loves crockery and that’s what we are going to sell. Crockery business can go up if you have wide range of variety. You need to promote your business to your potential clients and for that you should keep your marketing budget. Create a SALE and promote it, every women loves discount.

Imitation jewelry shop business

Imitation Jewelry business - small business ideas

Not everyone can afford a gold jewelry. Also it will be expensive for a women to change a gold jewelry design every month whereas it is always easy to buy a new imitation jewelry every month. Open your imitation jewelry shop near a college or a school.

Cyber Cafe business

Caber cafe business - small business idea

Even though people have access to fast internet and mobiles not everyone carrys their laptop and printer with them. And thats when my friend you come into picture. Your cyber cafe gives an instant access to computer and printer and internet in just few bucks. Always open your cyber cafe near by commercial offices, Schools and colleges.

Grocery shop business

grocery shop business - small business ideas

Open your grocery shop in a locality where there are more families are living and they don’t have a grocery shop near by them. Provide services like Free home delivery and facility to pay their bills at the end of the month. These facilities will help you to capture you more customers.

Gift Shop business

gift shop business - small business ideas in india

Gift shops are profitable if they are opened near colleges and schools. Because youngsters are tend to fall more into love and spend their pocket money on things like buying a gift for their Girlfriend or boyfriend. Keep low cost gifts as well as high cost gifts.

Hardware Store business

hardware store business -small business ideas in india

Hardware store is something where all screws, nut and bolts, pipes, rods, etc. can be sold. You can use for this purpose to get cheap products and sell them for high margins in your local markets. Also dont forget to contact your local manufacturers and wholesalers.

Furniture store business

furniture store business - cheap small business ideas

Find a furniture manufacturer or wholeseller make a contract with them. Find a location where there is new construction is going on and you can find your potential buyers.

Garment store business

garment shop business - best small business ideas

Garment stores can be highly successful if done properly. You can find wholesellers near you or use After that find a location, collages and schools or markets are recommended. Create offers and discounts and sell it for medium margins and make a good customer base.

Footwear shop business

footwear shop business - small business ideas

Again the same thing Food, clothes and Footwear are three things that people are never gonna stop consuming. Follow the same process of business as for garment store, Find a wholesaller, pick a good location , create offfers and sale them.

There are other business we would like to mention like a Pet sitting, Plant Nursery, Bags shop, etc. Also let us know what we are missing or what we should add into this list. If you have any doubt regarding this then make sure you ask it in the comment section.

Kindly share this post with a person who may need these ideas and it will be a big help for him or her. Thank you for reading.

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