20 Low Investment Small Scale Business Ideas in India

20 small business ideas in india

Many young Indians are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and start their own startups. India as a country of people more than 1.2 Billion has a huge scope for the businesses and especially the Small-scale businesses.

According to the statistics of the world bank, India became the 6th Largest economy in the world! This shows the growth of India and upcoming Business opportunities. Also, MSME’s contribute a whopping 58% of India’s total GDP(Source).

As per the statistics of the world bank, Now India has ranked 77th in the Ease of doing business Index. In the coming years, there are very good chances of India to rank even greater in the Indes of Ease of Doing business.

let us take a chance of all these good opportunities and start a Small-scale business in India. But to start a business you will need to have a business idea. and guess what?? We are giving you some of the Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India.


List of the Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India

1. Tiffin Services

Homemade food or tiffin service is a very good idea for starting a small scale business, a person starting this business needs to be a very good cook. Home delivery or office delivery can be provided to the customer, it is the easiest way of starting a small scale business, provided you need to be a good cook!! P

Tip: If you are from Mumbai you can take help of Mumbai Dabbawala’s to deliver the food to your customer.

2. Dressmaking

Dressmaking or tailoring is another small scale business idea for women who want to restart their career. To start with this business you will need to have good skills in making a dress. Expected profit margin is 20-40% in this business.

If you have good designing or sketching skills you can collaborate with a local tailer near you and create dresses as per your designs. One can also take some tailoring classes and start their own shop right from their house!

3. Blogging:

It is a sure shot home-based small scale business idea, one can start blogging anytime and anywhere. You will just need to have knowledge about the topic to be written. Break-even period for this business is 1-3 years.

But remember blogging business is a very serious business and you should always look at it seriously. Many bloggers take it lightly and write poor content and don’t provide value and they fail.

4. Beauty parlor:

Starting a parlor is another business idea for women. Women who have done a beautician course can start this business. Break-even period for this business is 1 year. Expected gross profit margin is 20-30%.

5. Stationery store:

Anyone can open a stationery store with low investment i.e. up to 1lac. School, college or any coaching center is the best place to open a stationery store nearby. One can find out a good location and take shop on rent. Break-even period for this type of business is 1-2year. Gross profit margin is around 10-15%.

6.Food parlor:

Food is something that everyone likes, one can serve delicious food to people and earn money, food parlor is another small scale business idea one should consider if he wishes to invest little more amount like 2-5 Lakhs. In this business, the only requirement is of a good chef and a suitable place.

7.Medical store:

Changing the lifestyle of people and eating more and more junk food making people unwell. Opening a medical store is really a good idea, select a place which is nearby to a hospital or a clinic, the only Condition is that you need to be a licensed pharmacist. But there are many Pharmacist who provides you their degree on rent to open a medical shop, however, check if it is legal or not.

8. Photography:

If you are good at photography, you can start your own business in photography, you need to invest in a high-quality DSLR camera and in a studio. Gross profit margin is close to 20%. but what if you don’t have the photography skills? Well, don’t worry you can develop your skills over the time. Not every photographer should capture amazing photographs. You as an average photographer can take passport size photos and earn a handsome income.

9. Custom gift making:

Who doesn’t like surprises? And if they are handcrafted then their value is certainly higher. Helping people to give customize gifts to their loved one is really awesome business, and the best part is that this business can be started from your home. Also, you just need to be creative!! You can learn the required crafting skills on youtube very easily.

10.Kirana store:

Kirana store is a general store, it contains selling fast moving consumer goods such as raw food items, soaps, toothpaste, biscuits, milk, etc. To make this Idea successful you should always open your shop in a residential area and your shop must be visible to the people whenever they walk off from home or coming back to their homes. Gross profit margin in this business is around 10%.

11. Manufacturing cookies and biscuits: 

Manufacturing business of cookie and biscuits is extremely lucrative, people like new tastes and different varieties of food items. You have to face competition with giant companies but also you will get a benefit of being there near your customer. People love fresh foods and if your cookies are good and fresh they will always ditch the big companies.

12. coaching class:

Starting a coaching class or tuition is an evergreen business idea, which includes low investment. If you have a relevant knowledge and degree you can start a coaching class, break-even period of this business is 1 year and gross profit is up to 30%.

13. Courier shop:

You must be aware of courier companies like DTDC, First flight etc. you can start your own courier shop near any office area or business firm. You can pay a small amount of franchise fee to the companies and you can start your own courier shop.

14. Juice parlor:

Juice parlor us another good option for starting a small scale business with immense profit, you can set up this business near a college, hostel, near bus stand, railway station or a crowded place. Just learn how to make different kinds of juices and start your business.

15. Internet service provider:

Tech-savvy can start their own internet service provider business, life nowadays cannot be imagined without internet, hence it is a good idea to set up a business. To set up an ISP business all you need is a networking knowledge and some amount of money to buy franchisee from an Internet company.

16. Book store:

Apart from opening a stationary one can open a book store near a college, school or coaching center etc. It can lead to a good income. In India education is really a big deal! People will not eat but they will buy books to study. You gotta grab this opportunity.

17. Yoga instructor:

Fitness geeks having knowledge of yoga can become a yoga instructor. In today’s world, many people are struggling with their health. All you need to have is knowledge of Yoga. You can teach Yoga to those who want to stay healthy and you can make money by teaching them.

18. Used product sales:

You must be aware of OLX etc. Used products like sofa, bed, refrigerator etc., can give you good margins. You can also help other people to sell their old stuff. Many people are selling used computers, laptops, mobiles etc.

19. Game store:

Not everyone can afford an Xbox or a PlayStation but anyone can visit a game store and play over there. It is a good idea to attract gamers and make money. Children’s and teens often look for a game station, it is an awesome business with low investment all you need to have is game station Xbox.

20. Career guidance:

Many of the students are so confused about what career option they should choose, you can provide career guidance to students. You can have a personality test and suggest them careers according to their personality or you can use several other techniques to guide students.

There are many small scale business ideas which can be started with low investment and you can gain high profits with them, you can choose a business idea which suits you the best according to your timing and place and also on the investment amount.

If you want us to add a new small business idea into the list then just comment below. Also, any doubts and questions are welcome, just enter your comment below.

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