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1. What is is a question and answer community where anybody can ask questions and community will answer his/her question. Also you can help others by answering their question.

2. How to join?
You can register easily by going to .

3. Is this service Free?
Yes is a community driven site and is completely FREE for everyone to use. If you want to advertise you can contact us : .

4. How to upload images in questions and answers?
You can upload images very easily.. What you have to do is either ask a new question or answer new or edit your old question and answer. Then click on image icon as shown in the image below :

then a box will pop, there click on upload and then you will see an option :

here chose image file and then send it to server. After that hit ok and your image will be added.

5. What is difference between Tags and Categories?
Categories are usefull for differentiating two questions and you have to select it while asking question. You cannot add new category only admin can add new one, But you can add Tags while asking questions. Tags are for differentiating questions at micro level for e.g. Education is a category competitive exams is a subcategory but MBA bank or Bank PO are tags. Tags are useful because they helps you to find exact questions you want in particular category.

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