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How to navigate faster in MS excel, please share the MS excel navigation Shortcuts. Thanks in advance.
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Its very easy to navigate in MS excel with keyboard rather than using a mouse. You have to know some of the simple shortcuts which are way to simple to use and remember.

Simple Excel Navigation Shortcut keys

  • To Go to extreme ends in a Row use CTRL + Left arrow or Right Arrow.
  • To Go to extreme ends in a Column use CTRL + Up arrow or Down Arrow.
  • To go to Cell A1 that is the first cell of excel use CTRL + Home.
  • To navigate into Worksheets use CTRL + Down to go to next Worksheet & to go to Previous worksheet use CTRL + Up.
  • To navigate between different excel files use CTRL + Tab. This work same as ALT + Tab shortcut but it switches only to the opened excel files even there are some other programs opened.
  • To Go to previous excel sheet use CTRL + Shift + Tab.
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