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I heard news that L&T laid off 14000 employees and I was like surprise

Larsen and Toubro lays off 14000 employees

Seriously 14000 is not a small number frown . So my question is that Why did Larsen and Toubro Laid of 14000 employees?

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I also read that news and came to search for it and I will be answering what I understood by reading those news sites on this issue.

The engineering giant L&T was facing some economic issues with some of its businesses. And whatever Laid off they have done is only been done in businesses which were moving slow due to delayed execution and some other reasons too. 

L&T lays off 14000 emplyees You are fired - Donald Trump

Also, they haven't laid off employees in one single night, rather they laid off people across the businesses during the period of April-September in this year itself. L&T also said that they did it to be "agile and competitive" and this was a strategic decision.

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