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Can anybody give me ideas about growing your business without spending any money! I don't have a big business and also have less funds. How can I grow my business without money?
asked Sep 21, 2016 in Other by swami (1,550 points) | 66 views

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Encourage employees to explore more efficient approaches to their tasks instead of relying on their standard way of doing things. Give them remunerations and recognitions for being creative and you will see the results. If someone is being creative in your organization and improving the productivity make him feel proud by announcing his name and thanking him, even you can put his name somewhere in your company. 

Just a simple recognition can help o boost his and others moral. Also, this will increase your company's productivity. 

I think it a good idea, isn't it? wink

answered Sep 21, 2016 by Nita (1,290 points)
Actually, motivated employees can help your organization grow like a wildfire!
well said @Tracy

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