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I know YouTube is the best for video tutorials, movie review, etc. But how can I grow my restaurant business with YouTube? I have a very small restaurant in my city can anyone tell me how can I grow my restaurant business with the help of YouTube?

We make some money which is helping us to sutain our restaurant but how do I increase my business with YouTube?
asked Sep 6, 2016 in Other by Tracy (490 points)
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Hii Tracy, Growing a business depends on your dedication and your execution and your luck also. wink

As you know visual content is more appealing and informative than text-based content. So of course, it is going to increase your business in some way. Now still your question remained unanswered that how to grow your business with the help of YouTube?

Tracy, you have mentioned that you have a small restaurant in your city which you want to grow. See when it comes to growing your business with Youtube it means gaining more and more customers to your restaurant through youtube. 

Targeting the right customer type.

target the right people - business tip

To gain real and targeted customers from your locality you will first need to understand the exact type of people you want to come to your restaurant. You should target foodie people by making food-related videos and publishing them on youtube. If you are advertising then narrow down your focus on your local community. Target ads and show ads to people who reside nearby your town. Targeting a person who is not from your place will not be useful at all!

Tie up with Local Youtubers. 

Tie up with local youtubers to grow your business

If there are any YouTubers nearby you find them and tie up with them. Do collaborations and make videos with them. Their fans from your city/town will come to your restaurant. you can even tie up with local bloggers and ask them to mention your restaurants on their blog.

Sponsor Local events.

Sponsor local event improve business

Google for local events in your city/town and sponsor them. Ask the people who are managing that event to mention your restaurant or put a banner in their events. So if their event is going on air or on youTube then that event followers and the youtube followers will come to your restaurant.

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answered Sep 21, 2016 by Youtubeking (1,120 points)
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Hii Tracy, as you said you have a small restaurant and you want to improve your business. I will suggest you shuold held local events and meetups for your local community . And also post them on YouTube.

Start giveaways and held contests for people and make them participate in it! This will definitely make your restaurant popular in your community/town.

Now the question is how to use YouTube to improve your restaurant business. Start making testimonials and post them on YouTube, with proper title and description so anyone searches on google about "Best Restaurant in your city" he will see your videos. Also show some of your special recepies on your YouTube channel. Foodies in your areas will find you and definitely come to your restaurant.

I hope this will help you to grow your business with the help of YouTube.
answered Sep 13, 2016 by Parag (2,750 points)
Hey Parag,
Thank you for your quick response. I will definitely follow your tips. But how can I increase exposure of my videos on YouTube?

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