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Pokemon Go India

Where can I download Pokemon go game? I am from india. I am a big fan of Pokemon's and thats why want to download it and play. I searched on Google playstore but there are some guides for playing pokemon Go not the actual game, why?

asked Jul 15, 2016 in Other by swami (1,550 points) | 72 views

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Pokemon Go the worlds New Obsession, Sadly & Luckily it is not available in India! 

Why Luckily??

Just imagine People roaming here and there to find Pokemon's and just imagine the accident rates!!! Okay leave it accidents will not happen but what if you are on a bus stop and trying to catching Pokemon by waving your camera and there is a girl and some people who thought you are capturing her photos! Boom angry KICK PUNCH SLAP without your knowledge!

But you will say, I'm not that dumbcheeky I will play it safer.. Then again that's cool but still you can get into trouble because CRAZY BIKERS are everywhere wink.

Anyways, I just wants that you or anyone who is playing Pokemon Go should be SAFE!

answered Jul 17, 2016 by Mayuresh (4,591 points)

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