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Running in wrong posture will slowly affect your body and will give you back aches, so its in your hand to run properly.  So what does running properly means? It's pretty easy and you just need to follow some rules. (I found it here)

How to Run Properly - Guide to run the best way!

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Tips for Running Properly

Tip No.1 is to Keep yourself aligned.

You need to understand that if you don't keep your posture properly then you will definitely get back aches soon. So keep yourself aligned. keep your hips, back and neck straight and make sure they are in a straight line.

Tip No. 2 is to Look Ahead.

When you are running make sure you look ahead so that you can lessen the strain from your neck and you don't hit anything like a pole, a sign board or even a car! So, of course, it is healthy practice as well as an safty advice to look ahead.

Tip No. 3 is to keep Breathing

When you are running your body is using more oxygen so understand that you need to breath more or at least breath normally. Breathing with your mouth is very good idea and is used by professional runners, but make sure you don't keep your mouth opened all the time or else you will become thirsty. because air flowing can make your mouth dry and you will need to drink water.

Tip No.4 is Perfect or Normal stride.

If your capacity is to run 100 meters and you forced yourself to run for 300 meters then you will get exhausted. So take enough brakes, don't run too far and most importantly run only the distance from where you can come back without getting exhausted cheeky, LOL!!! Or else you may need to take a lift!


Hope this will help you and make you clear how to run properly or the right way!

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can you share running benefits
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