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I have ₹ 10000 savings and want to start a business, what to do ?
asked Jun 26, 2016 in Other by Ranjit (2,040 points) | 156 views
please tell me also, guys please answer

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Hii there,

My name is Tracy, Although I am not from India but would like to give some businesses that work everywhere in the world and are dirt cheap to start with. I have 4 business ideas that I am going to share here.


Pay bills on behalf of busy people's

Pay bills on behalf of others - Small business ideas

Find busy peoples in your area, mostly who are on job or people who cannot go to pay bills or even old peoples. Ask them if they need any help with paying bills? If they say yes then charge some fee. This will work the best as long as you will get more and more people.


Share Your Books and charge for it

Share your library - Small business idea

If you have a good collection of books then rent those books to the people who want to read it. One of my friends did this in our hostel and she managed to earn 100$ and 100$ for a student at that time was  a big deal.


Computer Repairing / Game installing / Formatting

Computer repairing - games installing - Formatting - small business ides

Not everyone out there is a computer geek. There are so many people with almost zero knowledge about computers. So you just print some pamphlets distribute them by yourself (to save cost) and wait for the people to contact you. 

If you know any computer language also mention it in your pamphlet. If you have computer games then you can also sell it to anyone who want it. 


Start a Food stall

Food stall small business idea india

If you can cook well then you should definitely start a Food stall. make sure you take permissions with your local authority. The key to success is to sell your food in front of offices and at lunch time. You can also try to sell near parks, metro stations, etc.

I hope this will work for you and you can start a business very soon.  



Thanks, Regards!

answered Sep 3, 2016 by Tracy (490 points)
Thank You Tracy, I am thinking About Paying bills for busy peoples. This business looks great for short term ;-)
Nice list dear I am doing the 3rd one from last year and making good money
Thank You @Parag and @neelanjan and I am glad that you Liked it and took some time to respond.
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Start a Food Stall because Street food is a kind of business which does not look glossy but have very high margin. And as you only have Rs. 10000 in hand food stall is pretty much possible for you.

Pick a good spot where you can sell your food like nearby offices or colleges or schools or railway stations, etc. If you been able to arrange more money you can even rent one small shop and start there also. But don't be ashamed of opening a food stall!

All the best.
answered Sep 25, 2016 by swami (1,550 points)

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