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Hello, I am a Windows user from the start and just moved to the Ubuntu Linux. I do some image editing for fun but after installing Ubuntu Linux I found that there is no Photoshop in Ubuntu Appstore crying. Now I want to use Adobe Photoshop on Ubuntu. 

Can anybody help?

asked Jun 21, 2016 in Operating Systems by Ranjit (2,040 points) | 421 views

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Listen, buddy, I am gonna tell you the hard truth devil... Don't get panic...

Actually, Adobe does not support Linux! crying Yes, that's true we have to accept it... It sad, isn't it?

Well it is sad but it does not mean that we cannot use it on Linux wink

Ever heard about Wine??? It is a Windows software emulator for Linux distros. Wine is like a small Virtual Mchine.  For more info about it, you can refer this link 

This will solve your problem. 

answered Jun 21, 2016 by mathew (260 points)
selected Sep 25, 2016 by Mayuresh
Good writing style bro
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Sadly Adobe doesn't support Linux but you have the best open source and 100% free Photo editing app i.e. Gimp.

Gimp is almost similar to photoshop although it is not the direct solution for photoshop. But the one thin is Gimp is free and for the free program providing you so many features is really a big thing. Rather using Photoshop you can use Gimp on Linux as an alternative.
answered Aug 29, 2016 by Istoleyoursandwitch (853 points)
Actually yes, Gimp is really great

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